Welcome to the very first edition of our Newsletter dedicated to the European Union (EU) 'Facilitating the process of Uzbekistan's accession to the WTO' project implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC). Our project aims to support Uzbekistan's development plans to modernize its economy by leveraging its World Trade Organization accession process.
Through this newsletter, you will learn all about our objectives, progress and achievements. In particular, with our first issue, you will learn about all there is to know about the genesis of our project, its rationale, and its objectives. We will also tell you all about the activities already underway and present to you our accomplishments so far. Our newsletter is available in 3 languages: English, Russian and Uzbek.

Current status of ongoing accession negotiations can be found here >

O‘n ikkinchi son (Iyul-Sentabr 2023)

O‘n birinchi son (Aprel-Iyun 2023)

O'ninchi son (Yanvar - Mart 2023)

To'qqizinchi son (Oktyabr - Dekabr 2022)

Sakkizinchi son (Iyul-Sentyabr 2022)

Yettinchi son (Aprel-Iyun 2022)

Oltinchi son (Yanvar – Mart 2022)

Beshinchi son (Oktyabr - Dekabr 2021)

To'rtinchi son (Iyul - Sentyabr 2021)

Uchinchi son (Aprel – Iyun 2021)

Ikkinchi son (Yanvar - Mart 2021)

Birinchi son (Oktyabr - Dekabr 2020)


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